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Computer Glasses & Lenses

Introducing BluTech Lenses, designed to enhance your comfort, vision and eye safety during work and play.

We are excited to be the first and only office to bring this amazing cutting edge technological solution to Forest Hills.

You only get one set of eyes. BluTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong protection of eye health, providing improved contrast, acuity, depth and color perception. These lenses are available in prescription and nonprescription, indoor and outdoor lenses. If you have Dry Eye Syndrome and work on the computer all day, the BluTech Lenses are an ideal solution for you.

Computer glasses are specialty eyeglasses made specifically to address the unique visual needs of extended computer and smartphone use. To address these needs, computer glasses are made completely differently, in a number of important ways, from regular eyeglasses and reading glasses. These significant differences are what make computer glasses absolutely essential for maintaining both your short term visual comfort and long term visual health as you work and play in a world increasingly dominated by computers and smartphones.

For more information about how state-of-the- art computer glasses can help you, speak to Dr. Rita Ellent and our expert opticians at The Gardens Eye Care today.